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Williamston, Ingham, Michigan



Latitude: 42.6889380555556, Longitude: -84.2817


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DOUD Emma R.  1892Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I4091
2 FREDERICK Daisy  20 Nov 1875Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I3023
3 FREDERICK Oveda  23 Aug 1876Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I3026
4 FREDERICK Stanton  12 Aug 1879Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I3024
5 LECHLER Ethel M.  1892Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1708
6 LOVE Dorothy Mae  1926Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I2745
7 LOVE Marilyn Louise  1927Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I2746
8 LOVE Thelma Jeane  31 Mar 1930Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I2743
9 ODELL Charles H.  27 Nov 1944Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I11059
10 PRESTON Ilene Lillian  1921Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I11049
11 ROOT Lloyd J.  1915Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I3793
12 SEE Frances Alberta  12 Sep 1923Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I11054
13 SEE Fred Albert  Jul 1891Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1132
14 SEE Maude A.  31 May 1881Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I4092
15 SEE Mildred L.  1905Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I11056
16 SEE Monabell  20 Oct 1918Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I11057
17 SNYDER Dora  Aug 1869Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1389
18 THOMPSON Emmett John  8 Jun 1874Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I3046
19 THOMPSON WITHAM Elmer J.  18 Nov 1875Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I5169
20 VAUGHN Bessie B.  9 Feb 1903Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I2222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CASE Bert Wallace  11 Aug 1960Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I531
2 CASE Sanger  6 Jul 1947Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I615
3 DUNCKEL Lina  18 Jan 1929Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I2116
4 FANKBONER Ada  3 Mar 1963Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I2276
5 GROH Sivina L.  6 Nov 1969Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I2808
6 KITCHEN Theoda A.  13 Nov 1916Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1130
7 LOVE Harry Andrew  27 Apr 1941Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1209
8 MARTIN Alfred  13 Oct 1951Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1422
9 ROOT Edgar E.  1916Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I952
10 SEE Albert L.  26 Jun 1931Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1403
11 SEE Charles David  1963Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1131
12 SEE Maude A.  16 Jul 1887Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I4092
13 SMITH Melissa  1 Jul 1910Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I3303
14 TANNER William Thompkins  31 Jan 1918Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I3302
15 THOMPSON Martin C.  30 Jun 1877Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I3045


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BONTER Cornelia  1900Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I5485
2 COUNTRYMAN Frances E.  1910Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I529
3 DOUD Emma R.  1920Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I4091
4 GLISSON Thelma  1940Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I2742
5 HORNBECK Jennie May  1920Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I957
6 KITCHEN Theoda A.  1900Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1130
7 LOVE Harry Andrew  1940Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1209
8 LOVE Thelma Jeane  1940Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I2743
9 MARTIN Ella May  1910Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I2465
10 MARTIN Jay William  1910Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1420
11 ROOT Leo Fay  1920Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I3792
12 ROOT Lloyd J.  1920Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I3793
13 SCHRAY Louise Marie  1920Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I4093
14 SEE Albert L.  1900Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1403
15 SEE Charles David  1900Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1131
16 SEE Charles David  1920Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1131
17 SEE Frances Alberta  1920Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I11054
18 SEE Fred Albert  1900Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1132
19 SEE Fred Albert  1920Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I1132
20 SEE Mildred L.  1920Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I11056
21 SEE Monabell  1920Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I11057
22 SEE Theo J.  1920Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I11053
23 TRYON George L.  1900Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I2466
24 TRYON Harold F.  1910Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I2467
25 TRYON Lemoyne  1900Williamston, Ingham, Michigan I5484


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FREDERICK / MAXSON  10 Nov 1885Williamston, Ingham, Michigan F260
2 ODELL / BEVIER  19 Jun 1951Williamston, Ingham, Michigan F1790
3 ROBBINS / SEE  22 Mar 1947Williamston, Ingham, Michigan F3917
4 SEE / KITCHEN  17 Sep 1877Williamston, Ingham, Michigan F317
5 SEE / SCHRAY  22 Mar 1904Williamston, Ingham, Michigan F1446
6 TRYON / MARTIN  30 Jun 1908Williamston, Ingham, Michigan F885
7 TURNER / LOVE  5 Mar 1948Williamston, Ingham, Michigan F3879