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Varysburg, Wyoming, New York



Latitude: 42.7622602777778, Longitude: -78.3134002777778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARNES Catherine M.  1875Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I6329
2 DUNBAR Amarette B.  14 Nov 1844Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I6305
3 DUNBAR Amarilla A.  8 Feb 1847Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I6306
4 HALL Marion T.  7 Sep 1872Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I6381
5 LINCOLN Eva D.  5 May 1858Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I1025
6 SPINK Nella Mae  7 Apr 1917Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I351
7 WARD Edgar Russell  29 Oct 1864Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I6376
8 WARD John Blakely  27 Jan 1869Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I6378


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CALKINS D. Belus  17 Nov 1880Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I7617
2 CALKINS Freeborn  22 Aug 1882Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I7259
3 CALKINS Hannah M.  26 Apr 1915Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I7258
4 CALKINS John  19 May 1917Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I860
5 FELLOWS Samantha  21 Sep 1859Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I7961
6 GIFFORD Sarah A.  9 Jul 1931Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I7958
7 HALL Alfred  20 Jun 1892Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I7257
8 HALL William A.  29 Mar 1912Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I7262
9 MAXSON Eunice  1845Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I6360
10 PICKEL Mary Ann  19 May 1862Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I7953
11 PIERCE Susan Ann  12 Apr 1897Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I7621
12 ROBSON Archibald  17 Aug 1848Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I6341
13 SPINK Nella Mae  29 May 1946Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I351
14 STONE Charles Jennison  29 Dec 1911Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I7963
15 WILCOX Laura Ann  3 Apr 1850Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I7620
16 WILTSEY Sylvia Lorinda  4 Sep 1924Varysburg, Wyoming, New York I861


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CALKINS / PIERCE  1857Varysburg, Wyoming, New York F2678
2 CAPWELL / SPENCER  22 Feb 1854Varysburg, Wyoming, New York F459
3 WARD / DUNBAR  16 Oct 1859Varysburg, Wyoming, New York F2197
4 WARNER / ROBSON  28 Dec 1877Varysburg, Wyoming, New York F2432