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Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan



Latitude: 42.6552505555556, Longitude: -86.2028883333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DOYLE Charles H.  11 Sep 1886Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I6288
2 EBMEYER Charles H.  1872Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I2002
3 EBMEYER Edward H.  Mar 1875Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I2003
4 EBMEYER Louisa Mary  Mar 1870Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I2001
5 HOUGH Virginia D.  Oct 1874Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I2079
6 RICHARDS Charles B.  1856Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1895
7 RICHARDS George  3 Mar 1858Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1896
8 RICHARDS Jacob  1860Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1716
9 RICHARDS Joseph  Sep 1866Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1863
10 RICHARDS Katherine W.  26 Jan 1862Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1862
11 RICHARDS Mary A.  27 Sep 1850Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1864
12 ROBINSON Julia Valentine  14 Feb 1894Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I3601


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 EBMEYER Carl  26 Nov 1907Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I2000
2 EBMEYER Charles H.  10 Nov 1891Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I2002
3 EBMEYER Edward H.  3 Dec 1901Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I2003
4 HOUGH Virginia D.  20 Dec 1874Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I2079
5 MILLER Caroline  28 Nov 1867Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I2014
6 PALZER Jacob  15 Sep 1940Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I3960
7 RICHARDS Charles  17 Sep 1867Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1894
8 RICHARDS Charles B.  1 Jun 1928Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1895
9 RICHARDS Elizabeth  27 Jan 1872Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I3762
10 RICHARDS Joseph J.  29 May 1861Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1865
11 UNKNOWN Mary Ann  25 Nov 1870Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I3761


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BLANCHETTE Julia S.  1860Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1892
2 BLANCHETTE Julia S.  1870Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1892
3 BLANCHETTE Julia S.  1880Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1892
4 BLANCHETTE Louis  1860Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1891
5 EBMEYER Carl  1870Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I2000
6 EBMEYER Carl  1880Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I2000
7 EBMEYER Carl  1900Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I2000
8 EBMEYER Edward H.  1900Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I2003
9 EBMEYER Louisa Mary  1900Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I2001
10 EBMEYER Rosa  1900Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I5187
11 HOUGH Solomon Richard  1880Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1893
12 MACLENNAN Edward  1900Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I3760
13 RICHARDS Charles  1860Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1894
14 RICHARDS Mary A.  1900Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan I1864


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HOUGH / BLANCHETTE  25 Mar 1871Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan F1247
2 ROBINSON / RICHARDS  29 Nov 1888Saugatuck, Allegan, Michigan F1253