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Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HAHN Angelina  1854Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6955
2 HAHN Anna  1877Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6948
3 HAHN Barbara  1867Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6945
4 HAHN Catharine  1851Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6954
5 HAHN Elisabeth  1859Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6940
6 HAHN Elizabeth  1870Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6946
7 HAHN John  1859Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6943
8 HAHN John  1859Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6958
9 HAHN John  1870Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6947
10 HAHN Mary  1863Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6944
11 HAHN Nicolaus  1856Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6956
12 HAHN Nicolaus  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6938
13 HAHN Peter  1857Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6957
14 KEIFER Frank  1885Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6950
15 KEIFER Mamie  1882Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6951


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HAHN Jacob  1911Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6921
2 HAHN Johann  10 Nov 1872Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6923
3 HAHN John  1904Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6943
4 HAHN Michel  23 Jul 1864Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6919
5 UNKNOWN Barbara  1876Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6942


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 HAHN Angela  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6936
2 HAHN Angelina  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6955
3 HAHN Anna  1880Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6948
4 HAHN Barbara  1870Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6945
5 HAHN Bartel  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6933
6 HAHN Caroline  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6935
7 HAHN Catharine  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6954
8 HAHN Elisabeth  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6940
9 HAHN Elizabeth  1880Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6946
10 HAHN Franz "Frank"  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6922
11 HAHN Franz "Frank"  1870Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6922
12 HAHN Franz "Frank"  1880Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6922
13 HAHN Friedrich Wilhelm Nicolaus  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6927
14 HAHN Jacob  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6934
15 HAHN Jacob  1870Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6921
16 HAHN Johann  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6923
17 HAHN John  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6930
18 HAHN John  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6958
19 HAHN John  1870Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6943
20 HAHN John  1880Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6947
21 HAHN Mary  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6931
22 HAHN Mary  1870Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6944
23 HAHN Mary  1880Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6944
24 HAHN Mathias  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6937
25 HAHN Nicolaus  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6938
26 HAHN Nicolaus  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6956
27 HAHN Peter  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6926
28 HAHN Peter  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6932
29 HAHN Peter  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6957
30 JACOBI Angela  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6895
31 JACOBI Angela  1870Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6895
32 UNKNOWN Barbara  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6929
33 UNKNOWN Barbara  1870Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6942
34 UNKNOWN Elisabeth  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6953
35 UNKNOWN Mary  1860Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6939
36 UNKNOWN Mary  1870Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6939
37 UNKNOWN Mary  1880Rubicon Twp, Dodge, Wisconsin I6939