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Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan



Latitude: 42.7413480555556, Longitude: -84.7548369444444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CAPWELL Bert Willis  4 Apr 1870Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I815
2 CAPWELL Bertha M.  15 Jul 1874Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I816
3 CAPWELL Edwin John  12 Oct 1881Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I943
4 CAPWELL Frances Louella  Oct 1858Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I1056
5 CAPWELL John Marion  7 Nov 1860Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I812
6 CAPWELL Julia C.  4 Mar 1862Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I814
7 CAPWELL Letta  20 May 1865Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I813
8 CAPWELL Marilla Annette  10 May 1857Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I811
9 DEWITT Claud  23 Mar 1877Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I950
10 DEWITT George Iren  10 Nov 1881Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I1114
11 DEWITT Ivan A.  16 Jul 1878Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I657
12 DEWITT Jessie M.  10 Jul 1881Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I869
13 EARL Clyde Henry  12 Jan 1876Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I1073
14 SPENCER Fayvill Frank Milford  2 Nov 1880Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I836
15 SPENCER Floyd Henry  1875Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I825
16 SPENCER Grace Estelle  1878Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I810
17 WILLIAMS Jeremiah T.  25 Jun 1879Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I1099


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DEWITT Claud  2 Jul 1877Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I950
2 DEWITT Ora Lulu  26 Sep 1910Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I872
3 KOPKAU Frederick  11 Jan 1934Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I3457


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CAPWELL Bert Willis  1880Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I815
2 CAPWELL Bertha M.  1880Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I816
3 CAPWELL Frances Louella  1870Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I1056
4 CAPWELL John M.  1870Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I809
5 CAPWELL John M.  1880Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I809
6 CAPWELL John Marion  1870Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I812
7 CAPWELL John Marion  1880Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I812
8 CAPWELL Julia C.  1870Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I814
9 CAPWELL Letta  1870Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I813
10 CAPWELL Letta  1880Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I813
11 CAPWELL Marilla Annette  1870Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I811
12 CAPWELL Nancy May  1870Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I1125
13 CRAWFORD Bertha  1870Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I1407
14 DEWITT Ora Lulu  1910Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I872
15 KLEINFELT Henry  1930Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I3613
16 KLEINFELT John B.  1930Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I3617
17 KLEINFELT Vern L.  1930Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I3625
18 KOPKAU Martha L.  1930Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I3611
19 SPENCER Julia M.  1870Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I713
20 SPENCER Julia M.  1880Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I713
21 UNKNOWN Rheta  1930Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I6576
22 WILLIAMS Jeremiah T.  1910Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan I1099


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DEWITT / CAPWELL  22 Jul 1874Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan F496
2 DEWITT / CAPWELL  5 Aug 1879Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan F500
3 SPENCER / JONES  1 Sep 1869Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan F462
4 WILLIAMS / DEWITT  20 Nov 1901Oneida Twp, Eaton, Michigan F300