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Lockport, Will, Illinois



Latitude: 41.5887986111111, Longitude: -88.0552597222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 KENNEDY Helen Elizabeth  4 Jul 1892Lockport, Will, Illinois I6527
2 KENNEDY Maria Marguerite  13 May 1894Lockport, Will, Illinois I6528
3 KENNEDY Michael John  4 May 1866Lockport, Will, Illinois I6526
4 McWEENY Andrew  11 May 1845Lockport, Will, Illinois I174
5 McWEENY John  5 Jul 1849Lockport, Will, Illinois I175
6 McWEENY Patrick  Jul 1844Lockport, Will, Illinois I176
7 PATERSON William Wallace, Jr  5 Oct 1907Lockport, Will, Illinois I2483
8 RILEY Andrew  10 Apr 1880Lockport, Will, Illinois I76
9 RILEY Elizabeth  28 Jun 1866Lockport, Will, Illinois I74
10 RILEY George Blanchard  23 May 1920Lockport, Will, Illinois I203
11 RILEY James Charles  23 Dec 1868Lockport, Will, Illinois I75
12 RILEY John Patrick  28 Feb 1872Lockport, Will, Illinois I40
13 RILEY Virginia Mary  11 Jun 1906Lockport, Will, Illinois I196
14 RUNYAN Andrew  22 May 1873Lockport, Will, Illinois I6522
15 RUNYAN Charles Christopher  22 Dec 1877Lockport, Will, Illinois I6524
16 RUNYAN Elizabeth Cecelia  21 Oct 1875Lockport, Will, Illinois I6523
17 RUNYAN John R.  28 Sep 1866Lockport, Will, Illinois I6519
18 RUNYAN Laura Theresa  8 Oct 1871Lockport, Will, Illinois I6521


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 KENNEDY Helen Elizabeth  17 Jul 1892Lockport, Will, Illinois I6527
2 KENNEDY Maria Marguerite  20 May 1894Lockport, Will, Illinois I6528
3 RUNYAN Andrew  24 May 1873Lockport, Will, Illinois I6522
4 RUNYAN Charles Christopher  25 Dec 1877Lockport, Will, Illinois I6524
5 RUNYAN John R.  7 Oct 1866Lockport, Will, Illinois I6519


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLANCHARD Clara Regina  7 Feb 1967Lockport, Will, Illinois I41
2 CLIFFORD Charles  14 Nov 1871Lockport, Will, Illinois I7078
3 CRONIN Mary Jane  18 Apr 2011Lockport, Will, Illinois I7099
4 EGAN Mary Ann  1862Lockport, Will, Illinois I1531
5 McWEENY Andrew  22 Apr 1910Lockport, Will, Illinois I174
6 McWEENY John  7 Jul 1920Lockport, Will, Illinois I175
7 McWEENY Mary Ann  1 Nov 1922Lockport, Will, Illinois I43
8 McWEENY Patrick  15 Sep 1851Lockport, Will, Illinois I1532
9 McWEENY Patrick  1892Lockport, Will, Illinois I176
10 ORDING Charles Hugh  26 Jan 1990Lockport, Will, Illinois I2667
11 RILEY Andrew  9 Jul 1889Lockport, Will, Illinois I76
12 RILEY Elizabeth  20 Mar 1939Lockport, Will, Illinois I198
13 RILEY James Charles  30 Aug 1906Lockport, Will, Illinois I75
14 RILEY John Patrick  4 Jun 1955Lockport, Will, Illinois I40
15 RILEY Thomas  7 Feb 1915Lockport, Will, Illinois I42
16 RILEY Virginia Mary  28 Aug 1917Lockport, Will, Illinois I196
17 ZIER Harry W.  9 Sep 1969Lockport, Will, Illinois I3353


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BLANCHETTE Julia S.  1900Lockport, Will, Illinois I1892
2 CLIFFORD Charles  1850Lockport, Will, Illinois I7078
3 CLIFFORD Charles  1860Lockport, Will, Illinois I7078
4 EGAN Elizabeth  1850Lockport, Will, Illinois I7077
5 EGAN Elizabeth  1860Lockport, Will, Illinois I7077
6 EGAN Mary Ann  1850Lockport, Will, Illinois I1531
7 EGAN Mary Ann  1860Lockport, Will, Illinois I1531
8 HOUGH Solomon Richard  1900Lockport, Will, Illinois I1893
9 McWEENY Andrew  1870Lockport, Will, Illinois I174
10 McWEENY Andrew  1880Lockport, Will, Illinois I174
11 McWEENY Andrew  1900Lockport, Will, Illinois I174
12 McWEENY John  1860Lockport, Will, Illinois I175
13 McWEENY John  1870Lockport, Will, Illinois I175
14 McWEENY John  1880Lockport, Will, Illinois I175
15 McWEENY John  1900Lockport, Will, Illinois I175
16 McWEENY John  1910Lockport, Will, Illinois I175
17 McWEENY John  1920Lockport, Will, Illinois I175
18 McWEENY Patrick  1850Lockport, Will, Illinois I1532
19 McWEENY Patrick  1860Lockport, Will, Illinois I176
20 RILEY John Patrick  1930Lockport, Will, Illinois I40
21 RILEY Thomas  1870Lockport, Will, Illinois I42
22 RILEY Thomas  1880Lockport, Will, Illinois I42
23 RILEY Thomas  1900Lockport, Will, Illinois I42
24 RILEY Thomas  1910Lockport, Will, Illinois I42
25 STANNERS Rosa Ann  1930Lockport, Will, Illinois I1443


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 KANE / McWEENY  16 Jun 1859Lockport, Will, Illinois F1432
2 McBRIDE / RILEY  23 Jun 1934Lockport, Will, Illinois F3
3 McWEENY / STANNERS  19 Apr 1876Lockport, Will, Illinois F137
4 RILEY / BLANCHARD  22 Jan 1902Lockport, Will, Illinois F79
5 RILEY / McWEENY  3 Jun 1865Lockport, Will, Illinois F80
6 RUNYAN / McWEENY  8 Feb 1864Lockport, Will, Illinois F1424
7 VICKERY / KANE  4 Oct 1881Lockport, Will, Illinois F2417
8 VICKERY / KANE  31 Dec 1883Lockport, Will, Illinois F2418