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Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan



Latitude: 42.7365111111111, Longitude: -84.2235030555556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARNOLD Mary Ella  24 Sep 1864Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I110
2 CAPEN Delbert M.  May 1867Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3318
3 CAPEN Herbert Eugene  17 Nov 1877Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3497
4 CAPEN Myrtle Clarabell  1873Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3619
5 CASE Ardath Marguerite  1 Jun 1916Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I612
6 CASE Burton Frederick  29 May 1909Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I532
7 CASE R. Mae  25 Nov 1886Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I614
8 COBB Norman A.  1896Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2218
9 COBB Robert G.  1895Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2221
10 COBB Willard A.  7 Oct 1870Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2204
11 COBB Willard A., Jr  1904Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2220
12 COBB Willard E.  1899Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2219
13 COLE Frances E.  1849Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3252
14 COLE Hannah M.  1852Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3255
15 COLE Newman Henry  Jun 1863Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3966
16 COLE Sarah Mariah  6 Sep 1843Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3250
17 COUNTRYMAN Sarah M.  1860Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2059
18 CRIPS Belle E.  4 Feb 1883Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2175
19 CRIPS Glenn  1886Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2344
20 DUNCKEL Charles  1858Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2287
21 DUNCKEL Claud  1881Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2137
22 DUNCKEL David H.  1855Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2286
23 DUNCKEL Edith  Jul 1889Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2318
24 DUNCKEL Edna  21 Feb 1879Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2118
25 DUNCKEL Elizabeth C.  13 Mar 1852Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2283
26 DUNCKEL Elmer  1891Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2810
27 DUNCKEL Forest C.  1914Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2213
28 DUNCKEL George  1871Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2820
29 DUNCKEL George M.  1850Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2281
30 DUNCKEL Howard W.  23 May 1897Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2431
31 DUNCKEL Ila M.  1909Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2210
32 DUNCKEL Jonathan C.  25 Jul 1858Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2291
33 DUNCKEL Kitty Lavina  1863Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2115
34 DUNCKEL Laura  4 Jul 1907Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2327
35 DUNCKEL Laura A.  20 Mar 1851Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2284
36 DUNCKEL Leon Moses  1886Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2248
37 DUNCKEL Libbie  Oct 1886Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2315
38 DUNCKEL Lina  19 Apr 1876Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2116
39 DUNCKEL Linnie P.  1884Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2319
40 DUNCKEL Marcene  Apr 1857Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2114
41 DUNCKEL Mary  1863Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2288
42 DUNCKEL Melvin N.  30 Jun 1875Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2273
43 DUNCKEL Nicholas F.  1848Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2282
44 DUNCKEL Ora  3 Dec 1897Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2812
45 DUNCKEL Oshea  Jan 1894Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2316
46 DUNCKEL Rita  Jun 1892Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2320
47 DUNCKEL Robert H.  15 Feb 1877Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2117
48 DUNCKEL Ruel  17 Dec 1856Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2311
49 DUNCKEL Stanley A.  1920Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2211
50 DUNCKEL Stanley L.  22 Nov 1882Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2199

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ACKLEY Nancy M.  10 Dec 1896Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I467
2 ARNOLD Emogene L.  1945Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2203
3 ARNOLD Henry  1885Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I1265
4 ARNOLD Leah Margaret  4 Nov 1923Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I305
5 BRITT Hannah  20 Dec 1868Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3150
6 CAPEN Nahum Whitcomb  27 Mar 1891Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3623
7 CASE Burton Frederick  16 Oct 1909Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I532
8 CASE Melvin  6 Jul 1947Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I533
9 CASE R. Mae  17 Jul 1955Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I614
10 CASE Solomon Westbrook  2 May 1893Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I613
11 CHALKER Julia M.  3 Apr 1907Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I1268
12 CHAMBERLAIN Mary E.  17 Dec 1909Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I1537
13 CHANDLER Susan P.  5 Apr 1889Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2057
14 COBB Norman A.  1958Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2218
15 COBB Robert G.  1897Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2221
16 COBB Willard A.  19 Feb 1958Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2204
17 COBB Willard E.  1900Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2219
18 COLE Aurilla Eliza  19 Aug 1914Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3259
19 COLE Dyer  22 Sep 1880Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3500
20 COLE John T.  6 Apr 1918Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3249
21 COLE Rufus B.  8 May 1867Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3502
22 COLE Sarah Mariah  14 Oct 1873Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3250
23 COLE William H.  30 Oct 1860Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3503
24 CORNER Albert  1 Aug 1877Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2060
25 CORNER William  12 Mar 1849Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2192
26 COUNTRYMAN Catharine  5 Apr 1862Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2180
27 COUNTRYMAN Christina  16 Nov 1876Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2183
28 COUNTRYMAN Isaac  3 Nov 1876Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I1693
29 COUNTRYMAN Jacob  20 Jul 1895Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I445
30 COUNTRYMAN Sarah M.  3 Jan 1861Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2059
31 CRIPS Ernestine V.  6 Feb 1878Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2332
32 CRIPS Glenn  1894Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2344
33 CRIPS Mary C.  26 Jun 1877Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2333
34 CRIPS Michael  19 Dec 1881Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2331
35 CRIPS Michael  4 Apr 1889Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2330
36 CRIPS Nicholas D.  18 Jan 1887Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2336
37 DUNCKEL Catharine  17 Nov 1871Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2329
38 DUNCKEL Charles E.  3 May 1915Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2196
39 DUNCKEL Claud  26 Feb 1882Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2137
40 DUNCKEL Daniel  27 Jul 1901Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2271
41 DUNCKEL David H.  2 Jan 1927Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2286
42 DUNCKEL Edna  15 Apr 1932Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2118
43 DUNCKEL Elizabeth C.  25 Mar 1855Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2283
44 DUNCKEL Elmer  1916Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2810
45 DUNCKEL George  21 Feb 1879Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2820
46 DUNCKEL George  8 Apr 1915Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2430
47 DUNCKEL George F.  2 Jun 1928Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2107
48 DUNCKEL George M.  6 Sep 1865Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2281
49 DUNCKEL Ila M.  1926Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2210
50 DUNCKEL Jonathan C.  5 Sep 1861Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2291

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ACKLEY Nancy M.  1870Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I467
2 BENNETT Dorathy M.  1860Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3157
3 CASE Ardath Marguerite  1920Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I612
4 CASE Bert Wallace  1920Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I531
5 CASE Clinton M.  1920Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I610
6 CASE Lucille Laura  1920Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I611
7 COUNTRYMAN Catharine  1850Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2180
8 COUNTRYMAN May Genevieve  1900Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I374
9 COUNTRYMAN Peter  1840Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I1691
10 CUNNINGHAM Alida B.  1920Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2326
11 DUNCKEL Charles E.  1880Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2196
12 DUNCKEL Clara  1880Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2108
13 DUNCKEL Daniel  1880Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2271
14 DUNCKEL Forest C.  1920Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2213
15 DUNCKEL George  1850Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2430
16 DUNCKEL George F.  1880Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2107
17 DUNCKEL Ila M.  1920Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2210
18 DUNCKEL Laura  1850Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2249
19 DUNCKEL Margaret Ann "Peggy"  1880Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2328
20 DUNCKEL Matilda  1850Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2252
21 DUNCKEL Melvin N.  1880Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2273
22 DUNCKEL Nicholas F.  1850Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2182
23 DUNCKEL Noah  1850Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2253
24 DUNCKEL Robert H.  1920Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2117
25 DUNCKEL Stanley L.  1920Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2199
26 DUNCKEL Vernon G.  1920Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2214
27 DUNCKEL Wayne S.  1920Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2212
28 DUNCKEL Wilbert E.  1880Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2274
29 DUNCKEL William  1850Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2251
30 FAIRBANKS Fannie S.  1880Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2272
31 FAIRBANKS Henrietta  1920Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I2433
32 FREDERICK Bertha Mae  1920Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I464
33 FREDERICK Earl Milan  1910Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I1253
34 FREDERICK Emeline  1850Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3154
35 FREDERICK Everton  1850Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3156
36 FREDERICK Frank Grant  1870Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I469
37 FREDERICK Frank Grant  1880Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I469
38 FREDERICK Henry G.  1850Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3152
39 FREDERICK Henry G.  1860Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3152
40 FREDERICK Henry G.  1870Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3152
41 FREDERICK Isaac F.  1850Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3153
42 FREDERICK Isaac F.  1860Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3153
43 FREDERICK James  1850Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3155
44 FREDERICK Lulu Gertrude  1910Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I372
45 FREDERICK Milan E.  1870Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I462
46 FREDERICK Milan E.  1880Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I462
47 FREDERICK Milan E.  1910Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I462
48 FREDERICK William  1870Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I466
49 FREDERICK William  1880Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I466
50 FULTON Martha L.  1850Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan I3151

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / NICHOLAS  3 Jul 1891Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1366
2 / TUTTLE  22 Nov 1868Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F780
3 ARNOLD / REED  2 Oct 1881Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1243
4 BAKER / SPENCER  26 Mar 1883Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F213
5 BENTLEY / CRIPS  31 Dec 1904Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F2769
6 CAPEN / CHAPMAN  9 Mar 1856Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1187
7 CAPEN / NICHOLAS  15 Feb 1866Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1188
8 CASE / FREDERICK  13 May 1908Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F261
9 CLEMENT / COLE  13 Aug 1848Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1363
10 COLE / ARNOLD  16 Sep 1883Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1365
11 COLE / NICHOLAS  21 Apr 1861Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1197
12 COUNTRYMAN / CORNER  20 Mar 1858Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F849
13 DEMAREST / DUNCKEL  17 Aug 1845Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1286
14 DUNCKEL / DEFOREST  22 Oct 1852Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F982
15 DUNCKEL / FAIRBANKS  21 Jul 1883Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1281
16 DUNCKEL / MAXWELL  24 Mar 1897Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1000
17 DUNCKEL / McCREARY  29 Oct 1884Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F999
18 FREDERICK / LEWIS  2 May 1869Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1115
19 FREDERICK / LEWIS  3 Apr 1870Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1116
20 FULTON / FULTON  28 Jul 1857Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F930
21 JOHNSON / MEECH  15 Jan 1868Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F971
22 MARSHALL / SPENCER  19 Sep 1883Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F218
23 McGIVERON / NICHOLAS  25 Dec 1871Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F2792
24 MOYER / MAXSON  15 Apr 1872Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F404
25 MOYER / MAXSON  20 Aug 1881Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F572
26 NOBLE /   7 Nov 1900Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1937
27 ODELL / SPENCER  11 Apr 1871Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F212
28 PRICE / DUNCKEL  25 Dec 1859Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1288
29 PRICE / HENRY  25 Dec 1877Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1177
30 PRICE / TANNER  1880Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1178
31 ROBERTSON / PRICE  14 Feb 1878Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1179
32 ROOT / HORNBECK  29 Sep 1889Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F565
33 SELFRIDGE / COLE  22 Oct 1857Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1198
34 SPENCER / COUNTRYMAN  2 Apr 1883Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F207
35 SPENCER / FULTON  18 Dec 1878Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F214
36 SPENCER / NICHOLAS  18 Feb 1857Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F367
37 SPENCER / ROSA  13 Apr 1864Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F287
38 SPINKS / COLE  Abt 1872Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1361
39 TUTTLE / ARNOLD  28 Sep 1880Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F1008
40 TUTTLE / CASE  17 Apr 1907Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F423
41 TUTTLE / CHAMBERLAIN  1 Jan 1891Locke Twp, Ingham, Michigan F779