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Lemont, Cook, Illinois



Latitude: 41.6747816666667, Longitude: -87.9979933333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 KANE Ellen M.  4 Jan 1862Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6547
2 KANE Rose Anna  12 Mar 1860Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6536
3 KANNE Dora  May 1871Lemont, Cook, Illinois I4356
4 RUNYAN Francis  30 Aug 1868Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6520
5 RUNYAN James Edward  27 Dec 1882Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6525
6 RUNYAN Mary Jane "Jennie"  23 Nov 1864Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6518
7 VICKERY Austin Lorenzo  10 Dec 1889Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6989
8 VICKERY Catherine  12 Mar 1892Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6990
9 VICKERY Charles Clifford  3 Feb 1890Lemont, Cook, Illinois I7092
10 VICKERY Charles Homer  May 1894Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6991
11 VICKERY Francis Anthony  7 Jan 1895Lemont, Cook, Illinois I7020
12 VICKERY George  Jul 1862Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6982
13 VICKERY James E.  1 Sep 1886Lemont, Cook, Illinois I7090
14 VICKERY John Joseph  4 Oct 1884Lemont, Cook, Illinois I7089
15 VICKERY Walter Alfred, Jr  23 Oct 1887Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6988
16 VICKERY William Homer  16 Aug 1897Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6992


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 KANE John  1863Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6535
2 McWEENY Ellen  30 Nov 1894Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6517
3 VICKERY John Joseph  5 Jul 1936Lemont, Cook, Illinois I7089


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 KANE John  1860Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6535
2 KANE Rose Anna  1860Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6536
3 McWEENY Ellen  1860Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6517
4 McWEENY Ellen  1870Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6517
5 McWEENY Ellen  1880Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6517
6 RUNYAN Andrew  1880Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6522
7 RUNYAN Charles  1870Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6516
8 RUNYAN Charles  1880Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6516
9 RUNYAN Charles Christopher  1880Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6524
10 RUNYAN Elizabeth Cecelia  1880Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6523
11 RUNYAN Francis  1870Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6520
12 RUNYAN Francis  1880Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6520
13 RUNYAN John R.  1870Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6519
14 RUNYAN John R.  1880Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6519
15 RUNYAN Laura Theresa  1880Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6521
16 RUNYAN Mary Jane "Jennie"  1870Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6518
17 RUNYAN Mary Jane "Jennie"  1880Lemont, Cook, Illinois I6518