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Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan



Latitude: 42.8902702777778, Longitude: -84.3496322222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ACKLEY Ina May  Mar 1896Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1800
2 COOPER Purley Alden  4 Feb 1880Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I33
3 DODGE Fred M.  1862Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1474
4 DODGE Margaret  Jun 1875Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1476
5 FREDERICK Fred E.  22 Nov 1875Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I3160
6 HICKS Eva Grace  3 Jun 1908Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1239
7 HOWE Alta J.  1893Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I5186
8 PHELPS Alice Eveline  7 Aug 1844Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1609
9 PHELPS Elsie Lorraine  26 Dec 1920Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I7229
10 PHELPS Loren Mason  3 Apr 1847Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1260


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ACKLEY Hiram H.  21 Dec 1889Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I18
2 ACKLEY Ina  26 Aug 1870Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I13
3 ACKLEY Irvin  14 Nov 1880Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I36
4 ACKLEY James  8 Oct 1903Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I366
5 ACKLEY Omar  13 Oct 1918Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I11
6 ACKLEY Ona  8 Jun 1870Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I14
7 ACKLEY Sarah Elsie  17 Jan 1887Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I28
8 BENNETT Dorathy M.  25 Jan 1916Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I3157
9 DOCKING Fred Reuben  23 Feb 1965Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I11001
10 DODGE Fred M.  25 Mar 1933Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1474
11 DODGE Horace Perkins  6 Sep 1886Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1473
12 FREDERICK Fred E.  1953Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I3160
13 FREDERICK Isaac F.  9 Mar 1919Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I3153
14 JACKSON Jane  8 Jan 1908Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I105
15 KINNEY Frances D.  21 Jan 1906Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1458
16 LAING Laura Jane  1893Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1459
17 PHELPS Alfred Henry  23 Jan 1924Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I2358
18 PHELPS Alice Eveline  19 Dec 1844Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1609
19 PHELPS Helen Lucretia  7 Aug 1932Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1460
20 PHELPS Homer Milton  19 Sep 1959Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I2362
21 PHELPS Loren Mason  15 Aug 1848Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1260
22 PHELPS Mason  28 May 1879Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1457
23 PHELPS Milton Alexander  2 Sep 1906Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1456
24 RICE Alta A.  21 Apr 1940Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I1799
25 SAXTON Gertrude Catherine  22 Nov 1916Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I2361
26 WALLACE Mary  12 Apr 1889Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I19


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ACKLEY James  1880Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I366
2 ACKLEY Omar  1900Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I11
3 ACKLEY Omar  1910Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I11
4 DOCKING Fred Reuben  1940Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I11001
5 FREDERICK Fred E.  1940Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I3160
6 HOWE Alta J.  1900Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I5186
7 HOWE William G.  1900Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I4103
8 PHELPS Leora May  1900Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I2366
9 SMITH Mabel C.  1940Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I7807
10 SMITH Pauline A.  1940Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan I11000


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ACKLEY / HITCHCOCK  15 Jan 1901Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan F69
2 ACKLEY / RICE  8 Oct 1889Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan F7
3 HAVILAND / PHELPS  16 Dec 1916Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan F1025
4 HOWE / PHELPS  8 Apr 1891Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan F1468
5 PHELPS / McCLINTOCK  8 Mar 1876Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan F357
6 PHELPS / ROWLEY  12 Jun 1925Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan F2506