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Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland



Latitude: 55.6544, Longitude: -4.68084013888889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DONALDSON Edward  3 Nov 1882Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2129
2 DONALDSON Eliza  31 Dec 1858Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2119
3 DONALDSON James  25 Jul 1879Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2125
4 DONALDSON Margaret  21 Jan 1866Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2121
5 DONALDSON Margaret  15 Feb 1868Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2122
6 DONALDSON Martha Jane  26 Nov 1863Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2120
7 DONALDSON Martha Mcwhinnie  5 Nov 1885Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2130
8 DONALDSON Mary  Sep 1854Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I3528
9 DONALDSON Mary  21 Oct 1856Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2058
10 DONALDSON Robert  26 Jan 1861Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2123
11 DONALDSON Robert  7 Aug 1870Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2124
12 GRAHAM Annie  1890Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I9785
13 KERR Margaret Donaldson  19 Mar 1876Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I45
14 McGRATTAN Isabella  1938Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I9767
15 McWHINNIE David  1862Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2133
16 MONTGOMERY Adam  1 Nov 1866Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I3529
17 MONTGOMERY Elizabeth  1902Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I7993
18 MONTGOMERY James  1890Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5631
19 MONTGOMERY Jane  1907Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I7995
20 MONTGOMERY Margaret  1891Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5632
21 MONTGOMERY Martha  1904Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I7994
22 MONTGOMERY Sarah  1897Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5634
23 MONTGOMERY Thomas  1895Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5633
24 REID James  1855Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I3520
25 THOMSON Annie McPherson  2 Oct 1908Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I9789
26 THOMSON Edward Donaldson  18 Dec 1882Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5626
27 THOMSON John  1884Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5627
28 THOMSON John  1909Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I9787
29 THOMSON Margaret  1886Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5628
30 THOMSON Mary  1911Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I9790
31 THOMSON Mary Donaldson  24 Jul 1898Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5630
32 THOMSON Robert Donaldson  23 May 1890Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5629
33 THOMSON Thomas  15 Sep 1881Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5625
34 THOMSON Thomas  1908Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I9786
35 THOMSON Thomas  1913Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I9794
36 THOMSON William  1910Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I9792
37 WEIR Annie  1911Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5639
38 WEIR Elizabeth  1908Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5638
39 WEIR Martha  1911Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5640
40 WEIR Robert  1884Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2132


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DONALDSON Edward  29 Nov 1906Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I204
2 DONALDSON Eliza  12 Jul 1907Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2119
3 DONALDSON Margaret  1867Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2121
4 DONALDSON Mary  9 Mar 1856Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I3528
5 DONALDSON Mary  25 Oct 1900Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2058
6 DONALDSON Robert  5 Jul 1864Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2123
7 JOHNSTON Margaret  29 Mar 1909Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I205
8 McPHERSON Mary Jane  22 Sep 1974Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I9788
9 MONTGOMERY Martha  1980Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I7994
10 THOMSON Edward Donaldson  1976Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5626
11 THOMSON Thomas  27 Dec 1899Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2136
12 THOMSON Thomas  5 Jan 1965Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5625


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CARTER Annie L.  1911Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I9791
2 DONALDSON Agnes  1881Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I6597
3 DONALDSON Edward  1861Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I204
4 DONALDSON Edward  1871Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I204
5 DONALDSON Edward  1881Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I204
6 DONALDSON Edward  1891Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2129
7 DONALDSON Edward  1891Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I204
8 DONALDSON Edward  1901Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I204
9 DONALDSON Eliza  1861Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2119
10 DONALDSON Eliza  1871Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2119
11 DONALDSON Eliza  1891Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2119
12 DONALDSON Eliza  1901Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2119
13 DONALDSON Elizabeth  1881Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I6596
14 DONALDSON Essie  1881Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I6595
15 DONALDSON James  1881Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I6593
16 DONALDSON James  1891Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2125
17 DONALDSON James  1901Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2125
18 DONALDSON James  1911Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2125
19 DONALDSON Margaret  1871Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2122
20 DONALDSON Margaret  1881Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2122
21 DONALDSON Margaret  1891Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2122
22 DONALDSON Margaret  1901Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2122
23 DONALDSON Margaret  1911Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2122
24 DONALDSON Martha Jane  1871Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2120
25 DONALDSON Martha Mcwhinnie  1891Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2130
26 DONALDSON Martha Mcwhinnie  1901Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2130
27 DONALDSON Martha Mcwhinnie  1911Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2130
28 DONALDSON Mary  1861Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2058
29 DONALDSON Mary  1871Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2058
30 DONALDSON Mary  1891Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2058
31 DONALDSON Matthew  1861Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I7467
32 DONALDSON Nancy  1871Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5623
33 DONALDSON Robert  1861Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2123
34 DONALDSON Robert  1871Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2124
35 DONALDSON Robert  1881Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2124
36 DONALDSON Robert  1891Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2124
37 DONALDSON Robert  1901Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I2124
38 GRAHAM Annie  1911Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I9785
39 JOHNSTON Margaret  1861Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I205
40 JOHNSTON Margaret  1871Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I205
41 JOHNSTON Margaret  1881Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I205
42 JOHNSTON Margaret  1891Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I205
43 JOHNSTON Margaret  1901Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I205
44 JOHNSTON Mary  1861Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I3695
45 McPHERSON Mary Jane  1911Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I9788
46 MONTGOMERY Adam  1891Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I3529
47 MONTGOMERY Adam  1901Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I3529
48 MONTGOMERY Adam  1911Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I3529
49 MONTGOMERY Elizabeth  1911Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I7993
50 MONTGOMERY James  1891Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland I5631

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DONALDSON / LORIMER  4 Nov 1864Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland F3431
2 KERR / DONALDSON  15 Jun 1874Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland F84
3 McWHINNIE / DONALDSON  31 Dec 1883Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland F956
4 MONTGOMERY / DONALDSON  5 Apr 1889Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland F957
5 STEVENSON / THOMSON  1934Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland F3440
6 THOMSON / CARTER  24 Apr 1908Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland F3439
7 THOMSON / DONALDSON  24 Jun 1881Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland F954
8 THOMSON / GRAHAM  31 Dec 1907Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland F3437
9 WEIR / DONALDSON  1906Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland F961
10 WEIR / DONALDSON  1 Jun 1906Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland F3432