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Jerome, Yavapai, Arizona



Latitude: 34.7508697222222, Longitude: -112.116081111111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON Charles A.  1920Jerome, Yavapai, Arizona I2477
2 ANDERSON Charles A.  1930Jerome, Yavapai, Arizona I2477
3 ANDERSON Jack Richards  1920Jerome, Yavapai, Arizona I2478
4 ANDERSON Jack Richards  1930Jerome, Yavapai, Arizona I2478
5 ANDERSON Loyall David  1920Jerome, Yavapai, Arizona I2479
6 ANDERSON Loyall David  1930Jerome, Yavapai, Arizona I2479
7 BLANCHARD Bertha Maude  1920Jerome, Yavapai, Arizona I1992
8 BLANCHARD Bertha Maude  1930Jerome, Yavapai, Arizona I1992