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Detroit, Wayne, Michigan



Latitude: 42.3316802777778, Longitude: -83.0479966666667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEATTIE Flavel B., Jr  12 Jul 1922Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3504
2 BEAUSOLEIL Theodore John  6 Oct 1924Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I10531
3 JONES Don Ross  17 Apr 1934Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I8142
4 LINDELL Walter Emil  21 Feb 1907Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I1093
5 MILLER Fred J.  1884Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I1078
6 REISCHEL Doris Kathryn  13 Feb 1916Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I555
7 ROBERTSON Clyde M.  1905Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3693
8 ROBERTSON Frances E.  11 Dec 1902Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3692
9 ROBERTSON Kendall B.  13 Nov 1908Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3694
10 SCHADE Wilhelmina  1873Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I9618
11 SCHEIBLE Herman Matthew  1 Nov 1899Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I11029


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAKER Addie Mae  15 Oct 1977Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I475
2 BARTSCH Wilhelm  9 Feb 1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I9575
3 BECK Frederick John  10 Nov 1938Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I9485
4 DOERK August  21 Nov 1928Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I9439
5 DOERK Carl Herman  24 Aug 1952Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I1938
6 DUNBAR Dana  15 Aug 1842Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I6353
7 HORNE Marguerite  4 Dec 1988Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I2138
8 KITCHEN Delilah  13 Feb 1939Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I7850
9 LUKRITZ Wilhelmine  20 Mar 1928Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I9658
10 MASSUCH Augusta  8 Jan 1912Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3559
11 McCOY Arthur William  15 Nov 1987Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I2530
12 McDONALD William R.  23 Oct 1911Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I1298
13 PIOTROWSKA Christina  7 Nov 1912Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3725
14 ROSA Margaret  10 May 1910Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3296
15 SCHIDLIKOWSKI Gottliebe  13 Mar 1894Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I9655
16 SCHMIDTKE John H.  26 Mar 1923Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I6826
17 SPENCER Lester R.  3 Feb 1905Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I1003
18 SPENCER Libbie  29 Jul 1929Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I436
19 STACHEL Carolina  10 May 1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I9574


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ABBOTT Bertie J.  1910Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I1162
2 ABBOTT Erwin B.  1910Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I1966
3 ACKLEY Alma  1910Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I11040
4 BEATTIE Flavel B.  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3699
5 BEAUSOLEIL Simeon J.  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I10530
6 BEAUSOLEIL Theodore John  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I10531
7 BEAUSOLEIL Theodore John  1940Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I10531
8 CAPWELL Edwin John  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I943
9 CAPWELL Edwin John  1940Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I943
10 DOERK Carl Herman  1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I1938
11 DUNBAR Chauncey B.  1840Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I6302
12 EBMEYER Louisa Mary  1910Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I2001
13 EBMEYER Rosa  1910Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I5187
14 FONTAINE Marie Julie Victoria  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I5000
15 FONTAINE Marie Julie Victoria  1940Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I5000
16 HARRIS Ford Winfield  1910Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I2989
17 HARRIS Ford Winfield  1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I2989
18 HILDRETH Amy  1910Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I11039
19 HOEFER Arthur George  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3121
20 HOEFER Walter David  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3123
21 KING Amos Ames  1900Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I8075
22 MACLENNAN Archibald  1910Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I6285
23 MACLENNAN Edward  1910Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3760
24 MAZEL Jerome J.  1940Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I10534
25 McDONALD Anna Harriet  1910Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I1283
26 ODELL Byron Edward  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I410
27 ODELL Clayton Edward  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I521
28 ODELL Clifford Lionel  1940Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I522
29 REISCHEL Doris Kathryn  1940Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I555
30 ROBERTS Margaret Conway  1940Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I1435
31 ROBERTSON Clyde Victor  1910Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3306
32 ROBERTSON Clyde Victor  1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3306
33 ROBERTSON Clyde Victor  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3306
34 ROBERTSON Eugene J.  1900Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3305
35 ROBERTSON Eugene J.  1910Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3305
36 SPROSS Spencer Asa  1940Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I456
37 THEROUX Loretta  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I10532
38 THEROUX Rose Annette  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I10533
39 THEROUX Rose Annette  1940Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I10533
40 UNKNOWN Lucile Elizabeth  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I3164
41 VREDENBURG Clifton A.  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan I617


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / PRICE  1 Jan 1914Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F1180
2 ABBOTT /   4 Oct 1942Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F2902
3 ABBOTT / McDONALD  22 Dec 1909Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F321
4 BARTSCH / STACHEL  28 Oct 1882Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F3372
5 BOHNSACK / NOBLE  26 Oct 1905Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F1938
6 COLES / ACKLEY  26 Jun 1905Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F10
7 GAUVEREAU / THEROUX  19 Mar 1934Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F3690
8 GUENTHER / ROOSE  2 Mar 1916Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F772
9 HARRIS / JACOBS  9 Mar 1922Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F1838
10 HARRIS / SPENCER  26 Apr 1929Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F248
11 JONES / ODELL  2 Sep 1933Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F2545
12 MASSUCH / CERY  5 Jul 1916Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F1758
13 MAZEL / THEROUX  28 Oct 1937Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F3692
14 ODELL / BOYD  24 Sep 1933Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F224
15 ODELL / REISCHEL  3 Aug 1939Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F380
16 SIPPLE / SPENCER  6 Dec 1922Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F245
17 STEINHURST / SELDEN  26 Nov 1921Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F553
18 WAWRZINSKI / SCHADE  8 Aug 1899Detroit, Wayne, Michigan F3380