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Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin



Latitude: 44.9374619444444, Longitude: -91.3925094722222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LEMAY Donavan Edwin  5 Aug 1900Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I2454
2 LEMAY Edward A.  19 Nov 1902Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I2456
3 LEMAY Emma Virginia  19 Nov 1902Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I2455
4 LEMAY Louis Loyal Vernon  21 Mar 1898Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I1978
5 LEMAY Mavis Beatrice  Jul 1896Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I1998
6 LEMAY Neil Howard  27 Sep 1904Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I2457


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BLANCHARD Emma Julia  1900Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I1986
2 BLANCHARD Emma Julia  1910Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I1986
3 BLANCHARD Mary Edna  1900Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I1994
4 BLANCHETTE Louis  1895Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I1891
5 LEMAY Donavan Edwin  1910Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I2454
6 LEMAY Edward A.  1910Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I2456
7 LEMAY Emma Virginia  1910Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I2455
8 LEMAY Joseph Edouard  1900Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I1997
9 LEMAY Joseph Edouard  1910Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I1997
10 LEMAY Louis Loyal Vernon  1910Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I1978
11 LEMAY Mavis Beatrice  1900Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I1998
12 LEMAY Mavis Beatrice  1910Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I1998
13 LEMAY Neil Howard  1910Cleveland Twp, Chippewa, Wisconsin I2457