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Buffalo, Erie, New York



Latitude: 42.8854408333333, Longitude: -78.8784636111111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BENNION William Edward, Sr  23 Dec 1931Buffalo, Erie, New York I10773
2 CUNDY John J.  1858Buffalo, Erie, New York I892
3 HAYNER Elsie Elizabeth  9 Mar 1906Buffalo, Erie, New York I5280
4 KELLY June A.  1925Buffalo, Erie, New York I2072
5 KINNEY Elizabeth  7 Jan 1864Buffalo, Erie, New York I1517
6 MORATTI Richard Nelson  24 Sep 1932Buffalo, Erie, New York I6807


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS Frank E.  1935Buffalo, Erie, New York I1087
2 BENNION Kenneth James  Sep 1973Buffalo, Erie, New York I6330
3 BLAKELY Josephine  20 Oct 1924Buffalo, Erie, New York I6383
4 JOSLIN Benjamin  Nov 1836Buffalo, Erie, New York I379
5 LINCOLN Eva D.  14 Sep 1946Buffalo, Erie, New York I1025
6 SPENCER Melissa  22 Oct 1917Buffalo, Erie, New York I496
7 SPENCER Pearl C.  27 Jan 1955Buffalo, Erie, New York I1394
8 WARD Edgar Russell  13 Jun 1915Buffalo, Erie, New York I6376


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS Edith J.  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I7170
2 ANDREWS Eileen B.  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I7173
3 ANDREWS Frank E.  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I1087
4 ANDREWS Frank Lincoln  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I1089
5 ANDREWS Franklin Harry  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I7172
6 ANDREWS Harry Samuel  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I2511
7 ANDREWS Hazel Melissa  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I2512
8 ANDREWS Henry W.  1910Buffalo, Erie, New York I350
9 GAFFNER Thelma  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I5312
10 GAFNER Daniel Lewis  1920Buffalo, Erie, New York I1041
11 GAFNER Daniel Lewis  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I1041
12 GAFNER Irene  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I1039
13 GLOR Dorothy Louise  1940Buffalo, Erie, New York I1445
14 HALL Marion T.  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I6381
15 HANVEY Charles A.  1880Buffalo, Erie, New York I2424
16 HANVEY Henry Charles  1880Buffalo, Erie, New York I2423
17 HANVEY Henry Charles  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I2423
18 HANVEY Lettie B.  1880Buffalo, Erie, New York I2937
19 HASKINS Hila Melissa  1850Buffalo, Erie, New York I1357
20 HOOD Nettie E.  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I5319
21 LINCOLN Belle Melissa  1880Buffalo, Erie, New York I1026
22 LINCOLN Eva D.  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I1025
23 LINCOLN Rose Emma  1900Buffalo, Erie, New York I1027
24 MORATTI Nelson H.  1940Buffalo, Erie, New York I5289
25 MORATTI Richard Nelson  1940Buffalo, Erie, New York I6807
26 PATCHEN Rosamond  1910Buffalo, Erie, New York I6281
27 PATCHEN Samuel A.  1900Buffalo, Erie, New York I2487
28 RINDFLEISCH Pauline  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I5318
29 SISLER Doris Margaret  1940Buffalo, Erie, New York I6811
30 SKELLY Ruth Agnes  1920Buffalo, Erie, New York I1042
31 SKELLY Ruth Agnes  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I1042
32 SPENCER Melissa  1910Buffalo, Erie, New York I496
33 SPENCER Pearl C.  1940Buffalo, Erie, New York I1394
34 SPENCER Willard C.  1940Buffalo, Erie, New York I1415
35 STRIBICK George  1940Buffalo, Erie, New York I10820
36 THOMAS George  1850Buffalo, Erie, New York I3707
37 THOMAS William J.  1850Buffalo, Erie, New York I1356
38 UNKNOWN Sarah  1850Buffalo, Erie, New York I3701
39 WARD Grace L.  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I6384
40 WIGHT Lyman H.  1930Buffalo, Erie, New York I2534


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 SPENCER / HAYNER  2 Apr 1925Buffalo, Erie, New York F1840