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Bennington, Wyoming, New York



Latitude: 42.8375511111111, Longitude: -78.39843


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CALKINS Frank W.  1858Bennington, Wyoming, New York I858
2 CALKINS Hannah M.  17 Sep 1822Bennington, Wyoming, New York I7258
3 COOPER Hannah  1842Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1047
4 FRENCH Burton Frank  2 May 1846Bennington, Wyoming, New York I6343
5 FRENCH Clarence  1870Bennington, Wyoming, New York I6348
6 FRENCH Roy Leon  17 Feb 1885Bennington, Wyoming, New York I6347
7 MAXSON Ray Wellington  29 Dec 1879Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1054
8 MEEDER Howard Henry  4 Dec 1906Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1001
9 MEEDER Vernon Spencer  22 Apr 1902Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1000
10 MITCHELL Charles  1841Bennington, Wyoming, New York I7691
11 MITCHELL Drusilla  1847Bennington, Wyoming, New York I7693
12 MITCHELL Rosetta  1845Bennington, Wyoming, New York I7692
13 PIERCE Emily Rowley  1835Bennington, Wyoming, New York I513
14 SPENCER Cora A.  May 1877Bennington, Wyoming, New York I996
15 SPENCER Elmer George  6 Oct 1904Bennington, Wyoming, New York I346
16 SPENCER Evajanet P.  7 Sep 1913Bennington, Wyoming, New York I344
17 SPENCER George E.  14 Dec 1871Bennington, Wyoming, New York I384
18 SPENCER Glen J.  1919Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1395
19 SPENCER Glenn Edward  10 Dec 1888Bennington, Wyoming, New York I383
20 SPENCER Hattie Belle  6 Oct 1859Bennington, Wyoming, New York I807
21 SPENCER Margaret Emma  14 Mar 1910Bennington, Wyoming, New York I348
22 SPENCER Milford M.  29 Sep 1857Bennington, Wyoming, New York I806
23 SPENCER Pearl C.  1917Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1394
24 SPENCER Rosetta May  6 May 1883Bennington, Wyoming, New York I995
25 SPENCER Willard C.  18 Feb 1912Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1415
26 WARD Hazel M.  5 May 1907Bennington, Wyoming, New York I6403
27 WARD Lyman R.  2 Jan 1903Bennington, Wyoming, New York I6394
28 WARD Myron  27 Apr 1871Bennington, Wyoming, New York I6379


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 FRENCH Ralph E.  Bennington, Wyoming, New York I6346


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CALKINS Frank W.  21 Apr 1888Bennington, Wyoming, New York I858
2 COONS Hannah  29 Oct 1854Bennington, Wyoming, New York I534
3 COOPER Sanford N.  18 Oct 1899Bennington, Wyoming, New York I662
4 FRENCH Clarence  1870Bennington, Wyoming, New York I6348
5 JOSLIN Daniel Norton  23 Jan 1884Bennington, Wyoming, New York I287
6 LANGDON Mary  30 Mar 1861Bennington, Wyoming, New York I7060
7 MAXSON Elias  9 Aug 1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I115
8 MAXSON John Farass  1 Jun 1871Bennington, Wyoming, New York I975
9 PIERCE Emily Rowley  8 Oct 1879Bennington, Wyoming, New York I513
10 PIERCE Henrietta  9 May 1898Bennington, Wyoming, New York I317
11 PIERCE Isaac  21 Nov 1868Bennington, Wyoming, New York I416
12 PIERCE Isaac, Jr  20 Jun 1888Bennington, Wyoming, New York I554
13 PIERCE Robert  9 Nov 1892Bennington, Wyoming, New York I316
14 PIERCE Samuel  1 Mar 1892Bennington, Wyoming, New York I315
15 ROWLEY Laura M.  5 Dec 1886Bennington, Wyoming, New York I419
16 STEDMAN Thankful  18 Aug 1845Bennington, Wyoming, New York I417
17 WARD Myron  15 Aug 1871Bennington, Wyoming, New York I6379
18 WYMAN Betsey  7 Aug 1878Bennington, Wyoming, New York I380


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 COONS Hannah  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I534
2 COOPER Chester  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1045
3 COOPER Dexter  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1046
4 COOPER Hannah  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1047
5 COOPER Jennie V.  1880Bennington, Wyoming, New York I667
6 COOPER Olive  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I7690
7 COOPER Rosa Belle  1880Bennington, Wyoming, New York I666
8 COOPER Sanford N.  1880Bennington, Wyoming, New York I662
9 COOPER William  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I982
10 HEAD Harriet M.  1910Bennington, Wyoming, New York I997
11 JOSLIN Bert  1870Bennington, Wyoming, New York I514
12 JOSLIN Bert  1880Bennington, Wyoming, New York I514
13 JOSLIN Daniel Norton  1870Bennington, Wyoming, New York I287
14 JOSLIN Daniel Norton  1880Bennington, Wyoming, New York I287
15 MAXSON Andrew J.  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I992
16 MAXSON Charles  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I986
17 MAXSON Elias  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I115
18 MAXSON Joseph Artemus  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I989
19 MAXSON Katherine  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I981
20 MAXSON Lucena  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I983
21 MITCHELL Charles  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I7691
22 MITCHELL Drusilla  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I7693
23 MITCHELL Lafayette  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I123
24 MITCHELL Orin D.  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I984
25 MITCHELL Rosetta  1850Bennington, Wyoming, New York I7692
26 PARKER Dorothy E.  1920Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1392
27 PIERCE Emily Rowley  1870Bennington, Wyoming, New York I513
28 PIERCE Isaac, Jr  1870Bennington, Wyoming, New York I554
29 PIERCE Isaac, Jr  1880Bennington, Wyoming, New York I554
30 ROWLEY Laura M.  1870Bennington, Wyoming, New York I419
31 ROWLEY Laura M.  1880Bennington, Wyoming, New York I419
32 SMITH Albert  1860Bennington, Wyoming, New York I8161
33 SMITH Andrew J.  1860Bennington, Wyoming, New York I8155
34 SMITH Sardius  1860Bennington, Wyoming, New York I8152
35 SPENCER Alanson L.  1860Bennington, Wyoming, New York I712
36 SPENCER Cassmer P.  1900Bennington, Wyoming, New York I801
37 SPENCER Elmer George  1910Bennington, Wyoming, New York I346
38 SPENCER George E.  1910Bennington, Wyoming, New York I384
39 SPENCER Glen J.  1920Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1395
40 SPENCER Glenn Edward  1920Bennington, Wyoming, New York I383
41 SPENCER Harold Volney  1910Bennington, Wyoming, New York I341
42 SPENCER Ida Viola  1910Bennington, Wyoming, New York I347
43 SPENCER Lorraine R.  1920Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1393
44 SPENCER Margaret Emma  1910Bennington, Wyoming, New York I348
45 SPENCER Marion H.  1910Bennington, Wyoming, New York I342
46 SPENCER Marvin Otto  1920Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1414
47 SPENCER Pearl C.  1920Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1394
48 SPENCER Sarah Ann  1880Bennington, Wyoming, New York I715
49 SPENCER Willard C.  1920Bennington, Wyoming, New York I1415
50 WARD Edgar Russell  1880Bennington, Wyoming, New York I6376


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 JOSLIN /   26 Apr 1882Bennington, Wyoming, New York F232
2 JOSLIN /   3 Apr 1883Bennington, Wyoming, New York F374
3 MAXSON / SHOOK  30 Dec 1841Bennington, Wyoming, New York F575
4 MAXSON / WICKER  1 Jan 1863Bennington, Wyoming, New York F582
5 PIERCE / WYMAN  19 Mar 1847Bennington, Wyoming, New York F211
6 SPENCER / THROOP  Abt 1854Bennington, Wyoming, New York F458