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Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan



Latitude: 42.8256241666667, Longitude: -84.0756225


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS Angeline Inez  Jul 1873Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1185
2 ADAMS Eva D.  Feb 1878Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1186
3 ADAMS Gertrude  1884Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1234
4 ADAMS Ida M.  Dec 1871Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1184
5 ADAMS James G.  7 Aug 1850Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1195
6 ADAMS Lena Belle  Apr 1881Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1233
7 ADAMS Marion E.  Apr 1888Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1198
8 ATKIN Claud  1880Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1199
9 ATKIN Jay  Mar 1876Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1215
10 ATKIN John J.  6 Jul 1910Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1222
11 ATKIN Marion E.  1906Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1216
12 HICKS Hugh William  13 Jan 1912Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I2450
13 LOVE Alton B.  1906Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1214
14 LOVE Bert D.  May 1860Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1200
15 LOVE Charity J.  Aug 1896Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1211
16 LOVE Harry A.  23 Sep 1893Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1209
17 LOVE John C.  1902Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1213
18 LOVE Nellie M.  Jun 1895Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1210
19 LOVE Wilbur H.  10 Sep 1899Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1212


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS Gertrude  1896Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1234
2 ADAMS Ida M.  1937Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1184
3 ADAMS James G.  25 Nov 1850Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1195
4 ADAMS John C.  14 May 1911Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1190
5 ADAMS William H.  25 May 1902Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I685
6 FREDERICK Josephine A.  28 Oct 1929Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I684
7 HOWARD Angeline  21 Oct 1856Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1188
8 KRUPP Mary D.  14 May 1912Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1197
9 LOVE Bert D.  1932Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1200
10 LOVE Charity J.  1910Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1211


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ATKIN Claud  1920Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan I1199


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / FREDERICK  28 Jun 1868Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan F647
2 ADAMS / HUTCHINSON  28 Mar 1865Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan F663
3 ADAMS / KRUPP  22 Dec 1870Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan F664
4 ATKIN / ADAMS  Abt 1897Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan F659
5 ATKIN / ADAMS  Abt 1899Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan F667
6 LOVE / ADAMS  Abt 1888Antrim, Shiawassee, Michigan F657