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Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan



Latitude: 41.8972511111111, Longitude: -84.0362472222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BELT William Warren  2 Feb 1924Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1156
2 BUCK Sophia  Aug 1862Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I3120
3 HUMMEL Alma Carolina  23 Jun 1903Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1284
4 HUMMEL Alma Emma Barbara  6 Jan 1889Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1297
5 HUMMEL Anna Barbara  22 Dec 1873Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1291
6 HUMMEL Arthur Louis  14 Feb 1886Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1296
7 HUMMEL Caroline Christine  31 Dec 1871Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1290
8 HUMMEL Emilie Friederika  22 Dec 1873Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1292
9 HUMMEL Herman Christian  29 Aug 1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1294
10 HUMMEL Hugo Karl  25 Jan 1878Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1293
11 HUMMEL Lorenz Simon  21 Feb 1876Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1135
12 HUMMEL Otto Karl  30 Sep 1883Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1295
13 HUMMEL William Lawrence  13 Aug 1896Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I369
14 McDONALD Anna Harriet  5 Dec 1878Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1283
15 McDONALD Nellie Helen  24 Jan 1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1301
16 PRATT Edwin Monroe  8 Nov 1922Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I11234
17 PRATT Milburn D.  25 Nov 1892Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1355
18 PRATT Norman Earl  25 Aug 1921Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I11235
19 STREETER Hyla R.  24 Aug 1899Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1142
20 WOLF Emma  28 Sep 1868Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I10341


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ACKER Anna  29 Mar 1894Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I7182
2 BARRS Rosamond  3 Mar 2002Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I11239
3 BUCK Catherine  6 Apr 1899Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I3036
4 BUCK Elizabeth  5 Dec 1913Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I3035
5 BUCK Joseph  15 Apr 1909Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I3162
6 EBINGER Christina Karolina  28 Mar 1895Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1288
7 HENIG Carolina  25 Feb 1900Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I3165
8 HUMMEL Alma Emma Barbara  7 Mar 1890Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1297
9 HUMMEL David Leonhard Ludwig  8 Mar 1875Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1289
10 HUMMEL Johann Lorenz  16 Sep 1901Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1287
11 HUMMEL Otto Karl  18 May 1897Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1295
12 PRATT Edwin Monroe  31 Dec 1996Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I11234
13 PRATT Milburn D.  Nov 1968Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1355
14 PRATT Norman Earl  19 Aug 2007Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I11235
15 SMITH Lavina B.  6 Aug 2015Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I11241
16 THOMAS Helen Nellie  3 Mar 1904Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1299


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BAKER Nathan J.  1900Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1359
2 BAKER Nathan J.  1910Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1359
3 BELT John W.  1940Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1151
4 BUCK Caroline  1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I3039
5 BUCK George A.  1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I3168
6 BUCK Joseph  1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I3162
7 BUCK Joseph Charles  1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I3167
8 BUCK Sophia  1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I3120
9 EBINGER Christina Karolina  1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1288
10 EBINGER Christina Karolina  1894Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1288
11 HENIG Carolina  1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I3165
12 HUMMEL Anna Barbara  1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1291
13 HUMMEL Anna Barbara  1894Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1291
14 HUMMEL Arthur Louis  1894Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1296
15 HUMMEL Arthur Louis  1900Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1296
16 HUMMEL Caroline Christine  1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1290
17 HUMMEL Emilie Friederika  1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1292
18 HUMMEL Emilie Friederika  1894Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1292
19 HUMMEL Herman Christian  1894Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1294
20 HUMMEL Hugo Karl  1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1293
21 HUMMEL Hugo Karl  1894Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1293
22 HUMMEL Johann Lorenz  1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1287
23 HUMMEL Johann Lorenz  1894Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1287
24 HUMMEL Johann Lorenz  1900Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1287
25 HUMMEL Lorenz Simon  1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1135
26 HUMMEL Lorenz Simon  1894Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1135
27 HUMMEL Lorenz Simon  1900Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1135
28 HUMMEL Otto Karl  1894Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1295
29 HUMMEL William Lawrence  1900Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I369
30 McDONALD Anna Harriet  1900Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1283
31 McDONALD Nellie Helen  1900Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1301
32 McDONALD William R.  1880Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1298
33 McDONALD William R.  1900Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1298
34 THOMAS Helen Nellie  1900Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1299
35 THOMAS Pamelia Harriet 'Millie'  1900Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1358
36 THOMAS Pamelia Harriet 'Millie'  1910Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan I1358


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ABBOTT / PATTISON  7 Jul 1897Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan F726
2 BELT / McDONALD  2 Jul 1902Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan F688
3 BUCK / HENIG  15 Nov 1860Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan F1126
4 HOEFER / ACKER  25 Jun 1893Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan F2488
5 HOEFER / BUCK  23 May 1895Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan F1121
6 HUMMEL / McDONALD  6 Jan 1896Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan F319
7 PRATT / BELT  13 Feb 1920Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan F722
8 REITZ / HUMMEL  7 Jun 1899Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan F325
9 SPIES / HUMMEL  2 Jul 1900Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan F326
10 STREETER / McDONALD  26 Oct 1898Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan F687